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Description of the Workshop

Sensing technologies are being widely used in environments such as smart home, smart building, vehicular network, etc. Information collected from networked sensor systems are valuable if shared and tracked correctly. However, today’s sensing-cloud paradigm does not genetically support trust management and privacy preservation; it also does not encourage information sharing in multi-stakeholder settings through incentives and payment mechanisms. The emerging blockchain and other distributed ledger technologies offer a possibility to 1) ensure data protection, 2) monetize information exchange, 3) reduce sharing and maintenance costs, and 4) to manage trust in multi-stakeholder settings. We solicit high quality position papers and research papers that address opportunities and challenges at the intersection of networked sensing/IoT, smart cities, and blockchain. We aim to set up a stage for industry and academia to share wins and lessons combining both disciplines. We welcome contributions to all relevant research on application, system, network and security.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

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Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be previously unpublished, and not currently under review by another conference or journal. Papers should be submitted for consideration via the workshop website, prior to the submission deadline, and must adhere to the provided formatting guidelines. All submissions must use the LaTeX styles found here . Papers that do not meet the size and formatting requirements will not be reviewed. Please note that ACM uses 9pt fonts in all conference proceedings, and the LaTeX style implicitly defines the font size to be 9pt.

We solicit three types of paper submission:

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